Our Round towels come in fabulous designs and vibrant colors which will bring you joy when you play or relax at the beach or at a pool. Its eye-catching design and tassels give it a stylish look and together with its soft microfiber material, makes it comfortable and friendly to the skin. Compared to traditional towels, they are softer and will allow you to dry faster than any other product today.  They are tested thoroughly in both hot and cold environments to guarantee its quality, and will never fade due the excellent dyeing process.  Our towels can be also used as a round blanket, tapestry, yoga mat, picnic blanket, or as a meditation blanket



  • Size 60" diameter
  • Tassels fringe
  • Full patterned terry cloth
  • Weightless and quick dry
  • Weight 500 gram
  • Absorbs 5 times more water than cotton
  • Beautiful patterns and bright colors
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported



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